Attorney-General George Brandis says the only way same-sex marriage can be legalised now is with a plebiscite.
Director Oliver Stone says the new Pokemon Go game could lead to totalitarianism and "robot society".
Villagers in the northern provinces of China have accused the Xingtai government of failing to issue a warning for the flood that has claimed 154 lives, and claim...
Chloe Hosking (Wiggle-High5) became just the third Australian to win on the Champs-Elysses in history when she claimed victory in the 2016 La Course by Le Tour de...
The sprint to the line on the Champs Elysees for the Tour de France Stage 21 winning moment.
Jose Mourinho feels Manchester United's UEFA Europa League participation puts them in the "worst possible situation" to challenge for the Premier League title.
High-octane thrills, cross-cultural camaraderie and playful humour lift the latest in the series. But is it any good?
One start-up is giving foreigners the ultimate cultural experience.
In this feast of horrors and delights, we bust myths, expose legends and culinary crack mysteries - it's Italy as you've never tasted it before.
Scientists have studied brain imaging to determine how different people react to stress.
In honour of World Lamington Day why don’t you make a cuppa and join us in appreciating this Aussie classic.
In a world where weddings cost upwards of $35,000 and property is more binding than marriage, singledom is an increasingly valid choice.
SBS has won three awards at this year's Multicultural Media Awards.
Sicilians are breaking the mafia’s culture of silence - and standing up to intimidation. Dateline joins the anti-mafia fight, but finds that not everything is as...
Why it's okay to enjoy comfort food for a dose of happiness - sometimes.
Roots premieres July 27 on SBS and NITV

Don’t miss this reimagining of the epic family saga and portrait of American slavery, following the journey of one family and their will to survive.

'Death Of A Loved One' - The summer nights are seductively beautiful until Puck finds one of the female guests murdered. Someone on the island is a killer.
Forget everything you knew about Nordic noir - Trapped is a world of Icelandic mystery you wouldn't want to leave if you could.
Set against the backdrop of the greatest race against time in the history of science — the mission to build the world’s first atomic bomb — Manhattan follows the...
Hold on for a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns with this gripping crime thriller from acclaimed novelist Harlan Coben. A group of friends haunted by the...
Comedian, writer, actress and political commentator Samantha Bee brings her sassy, smart and satirical point of view to a range of current and relevant issues in...