Qantas has posted a $2.8b loss, its worst since becoming a public company, but the airline insists the worst is behind it.
Thousands of half-naked revellers have pelted each other with squishy tomatoes in the Tomatina, a world-renowned fiesta dubbed "the world's biggest food fight."

When women rape

Female-perpetrated sexual assault is taboo. Male and female survivors don’t want to talk about it, let alone report it.
Lost in translation... totally. Movie titles and posters usually get changed to suit different markets, but sometimes the original meaning gets skewed.
Series 3, episode 5: There is unrest amongst the New Democrats when the sex trade is placed on the agenda. Torben's problems escalate when his boss, Alex, finds out...
John Degenkolb won his second stage in as many as days at La Vuelta a España despite the protestations of one of his rivals.
Now online: entertainer Paul McDermott found fame with The Doug Anthony All-Stars and Good News Week. What secrets will he uncover in his family's past?
'Boxman' - In order to free Santanico, Seth and Richie must face the labyrinth within the temple. Jacob and Kate are forced to confront Scott’s transformation.
In new SBS series Living with the Enemy, starting September 3, a couple in favour of same-sex marriage stays with a conservative priest, who in turn they must host.
This photo of an empty Malaysia Airlines flight out of Australia recently is going viral, so what's the story behind it?
Leotards are an inspirational garment and not just because they are worn by gymnastics champions and the cast of "Cats", writes comedian Nina Oyama.
Homemade haloumi, bistro-style soup and a succulent Roman stew; who said cost-conscious cooking meant skimping on the good stuff?
In a skit that explores what would happen if white Australians became a new minority, Nazeem take on the role of a brown-necked shock-jock who takes controversy...
Life. You're born and then you die. Fast-paced comedy Bref covers the stuff in between.
You can’t be “a little bit OCD”. The real thing is debilitating. So when does an obsession cross the line? What distinguishes it from something more serious?
Vuelta a Espana on SBS
SBS will broadcast eight live stages of the 2014 Vuelta a Espana, in addition to daily highlights. Here's how to follow the action.
John Degenkolb won his second stage in as many as days at La Vuelta a España despite the protestations of one of his rivals.
Latest posts, photos and videos from the teams, riders, officials of the Vuelta a Espana - and the SBS Cycling Central team.
Australia's Cadel Evans is looking for improvements after finishing sixth in Stage 3 of the Vuelta a Espana.
Which are the mountain stages and how high do they go? Which stages will be for the sprinters - and where might a breakaway stand a chance?
Track your favourite riders and teams in every competition within the race - general classification, sprinter points, climbers and young riders.
The World Game
Louis van Gaal's short Manchester United reign hit a shambolic new low as it was dumped out of the League Cup by a 4-0 defeat at MK Dons.
Jason Davidson was West Bromwich Albion's League Cup shootout hero as the Premier League club scraped past fourth-tier Oxford United at The Hawthorns.
Manchester United has shattered the British transfer record to bring Real Madrid star Angel di Maria to Old Trafford for $106.1 million.
The challenge facing Palestine's footballers is not just confined to the pitch. Over the next few days I will share some of the stories, both heartbreaking and...
Manchester United’s 4-0 defeat to English third tier side MK Dons in the Capital One Cup has been met with shock by many, and comedy by plenty more.
Free movies - on TV & online
Play with your perceptions of Britain in this season of much-loved UK hits, Saturdays at 8.30pm on SBS ONE - or right now at SBS On Demand.
Colin Firth is brilliant as a grieving man, mourning a relationship that sections of 1960s society choose to deny exists.
Watch Helen Mirren in her Oscar-winning role as an old-fashioned monarch in the midst of an existential crisis.
The story of a group of British jihadists who push their abstract dreams of glory to breaking point. An emotionally engaging (and entirely plausible) farce.
From the producers of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Attack the Block follows a gang of tough inner-city kids who try to defend their turf against an invasion of...
A coming-of-age story about a teenage girl in 1960s suburban London, and how her life changes with the arrival of a playboy nearly twice her age.
Comment & Analysis
Fear not! There’s reason to believe that indulging your impulse to drop an f-bomb in the office is worth it.
Comedian Alice Fraser talks to the unfortunate few who have experienced Cosmo's sex tips in all their horror.
The proportion of people who don't identify with a specific faith is growing. What does this mean for the future of funeral rites?
Today, the pendulum of science defends breakfast skippers. New nutrition studies have been summed up as: "If you like breakfast, fine; but if not, don’t sweat it."
Empathy makes you better at cocktail parties—and at life.
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The inside story on the challenges the Lebanese Australian community has faced and how it has overcome them.