Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump bickered and traded insults in a fiery US presidential debate Monday, as they aggressively pitched their case to tens of millions of...
The federal government has dropped its plan to introduce a 32.5 per cent tax on backpacker workers.
SBS introduces Deep Water: The Real Story - part of a network event that unearths a gripping true crime story and a buried chapter of Australia’s recent history.
England manager Sam Allardyce faces a Football Association investigation after the former Sunderland boss was caught out in a newspaper sting assisting 'businessmen'...
An SBS investigation reveals embarrassing flaws in the police re-examination of potential gay-hate murder cases.
In his second term, Obama has tried to tackle America's most intractable social problems - guns, immigration and race. (Part 2)
Here's what's screening this week on SBS, SBS 2, NITV and at On Demand, 26 September-2 October.
While Australia has been slow to resettle refugees fleeing war in Syria, Canada has not only opened its borders but also its homes. Dateline visits two communities...
SBS Comedy entrusted comedian Ben McLeay, who is completely unqualified, to livetweet the mess that was the US presidential debate. Because why not?
The history of blackface has shown us that, regardless of intent, this practice cannot be seen as respectful and will offend people, writes Marion Gray.
#VoteHoney! Make America bueno again!
In a breakthrough study, Aussie researchers have revealed the process of how precious immune cells develop in our bodies.
A photo of a father and his son who lost their lives during one of the heaviest airstrikes in the Syrian conflict has been released, depicting the plight of...
The Backburner (satire) writes: 'Pauline Hanson has claimed she is ardently investigating exactly where LGBTIQ people come from so she can accurately tell them...
When Matthew Gardiner returned alive three months later, Australian Federal Police were waiting. What really happened on the front line? A year on, he breaks his...
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