The storms have temporarily slowed in South Australia and power is returning to homes but the foul weather is set to return with renewed ferocity.
Two young women who went missing in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, have been found but the search continues for teenager Cassie Olczak.
Why clowns set off our creep alert.
Playboy magazine, once famous for bunnies and soft porn, for the first time is featuring a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.
In the early 90s, a little known Japanese Samurai/Detective series hit Australia where it quickly became a cult hit. In Japan it was called 'Ronin Suiri Tentai' ...
SBS introduces Deep Water: The Real Story - part of a network event that unearths a gripping true crime story and a buried chapter of Australia’s recent history.
An SBS investigation reveals embarrassing flaws in the police re-examination of potential gay-hate murder cases.
SBS today announced that it has secured exclusive free-to-air television broadcast rights to the National Basketball League (NBL) for the upcoming 2016-17 season.
A tiny Australian mining town is suddenly at the centre of one of the universe's biggest mysteries. Locals are excited. What do scientists hope to find in a cave 1km...
While Australia has been slow to resettle refugees fleeing war in Syria, Canada has not only opened its borders but also its homes. Dateline visits two communities...
Australian banks may have restricted borrowings to international property investors, but that has hardly proven an obstacle to foreign buyers.
#VoteHoney! Make America bueno again!
A new study from the University of Melbourne has linked living on a farm in early childhood to having a lower risk of allergies in adulthood.
The history of blackface has shown us that, regardless of intent, this practice cannot be seen as respectful and will offend people, writes Marion Gray.
Dramatically better looking

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