A magnitude 5.7 quake has been recorded near Christchurch, causing landslides, liquefaction and damage across the city.
Music can be a useful tool for young migrants to express themselves, overcome trauma and relate to other students. Now, one teacher in Sydney's west has gone to...
A second rally is expected to be held outside a Brisbane hospital where doctors are holding Baby Asha so she won't be put back in detention on Nauru.
Blake Powell had a day to remember in the Parramatta sun, scoring four goals for Wellington Phoenix in their 5-2 upset win against Western Sydney Wanderers.
The first three seasons of Vikings have functioned as a massively awesome trilogy – the rise of lateral-minded Ragnar from jarl-spurning raider to actual King of...
You don't need to be in a romantic relationship this Valentine’s Day to feel the butterfly buzz that comes with love.
There is no doubt that the finding is one of the most groundbreaking physics discoveries of the past 100 years, writes physicist Gren Ireson.
If this article makes you depressed, watching the If You Are The One Australian specials starting this Sunday is sure to lift your spirits... like lambs to the slaughter!
Our multi-platform coverage gives everyone in Australia the best seat in the house for Tropfest. Find out all the ways you can join in the fun, no matter where you are.
Shoot, even if you’ve never heard of The Bachelor, you should watch this show.
Rose are red, these films are blue... and will be the perfect companions for those of us not overly excited by the prospect of Valentine's Day.
Fleeing Iran as a child, Rita Panahi knew just two words of English. Today, she's a controversial opinion columnist. Are her views as mainstream as she thinks?
A century after Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity, researchers have finally hunted down direct evidence for its last prediction -...
Being single and not in a position to have her own children, Melanie McGrice, became a foster mum and discovered the rewards and the heartbreak. Here's her story...
Chinese friends may ask what animal you are. Don’t feel confused - it is just like asking what horoscope sign you are, but according to the Chinese zodiac, “Sheng...
small world. big thinking.
Having sex with Neanderthals meant some of us still carry their DNA, and with it, a higher risk of depression and nicotine addiction.
Because having no money doesn't have to get in the way of romance.
Starting a family is hard. Some people face particular challenges we can’t personally understand. Say something supportive instead.
She’s actually seen the show now, but vocal critic Candy Royalle’s opinion hasn’t really changed.
Now, in 2016, the success of South Park seems like something of an inevitability.