Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte does not want to be branded another Hitler but he is willing to kill three million people in his crime war, his spokesman said...
Pakistan and India exchanged fresh fire across the Kashmir border Saturday, the Pakistani military said, with Indian officials stating there was no damage as tensions...
The Western Bulldogs have pulled off a stunning AFL grand final win over Sydney to claim the second premiership in the club's history.
The Reds will be determined to keep their strong form alive when they travel to the Liberty Stadium in Wales to take on a struggling Swansea City on Saturday.
Finding love in New York City has been a tough game for Emily Soukas – but will the solution be found in her genes and brain chemistry?
Is there really such thing as a ‘one-size’ fits all approach to consuming carbs, dropping the kilos or longevity for everyone?
Politician Mario Chiesa’s arrest ignites a nationwide scandal: “Bribesville”. As the political fallout spreads across the country, we follow the intertwining lives and...
With International Coffee Day us all an extra reason to enjoy our morning brew on October 1, here's a guide to some of the key points that matter when it comes to...
There’s nothing like turning back the clock at the end of daylight saving time to remind yourself that time is an illusion and nothing’s real.
An SBS investigation reveals embarrassing flaws in the police re-examination of potential gay-hate murder cases.
Are we really throwing someone under the bus who wanted to see the front lines for himself?
An new startup is challenging Australians to get daring and ridiculous to help endangered animals like the bilby, manta ray and bandicoot.
"The answer is obviously yes," said Greg Rucka, when asked if Wonder Woman is queer, adding that "it makes no logical sense otherwise".
Australian banks may have restricted borrowings to international property investors, but that has hardly proven an obstacle to foreign buyers.
Manish Arora wowed audiences with his rainbow designs worn by models from a host of diverse backgrounds at Paris Fashion Week.
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