At least 52 aid workers and civilians were killed in northeast Nigeria when an air force jet accidentally bombed a refugee camp instead of Boko Haram militants,...
Rob Garner narrowly escaped Australia's worst train disaster, which killed 83 people and injured 200 others 40 years ago today.
The Billy on the Street creator on screaming with purpose, comedy under Trump, and taking celebrities down a peg or two.
Michael Moore on how the US election result came to pass and what's in store, plus why he thinks Donald Trump will build a wall – and enact his much-touted Muslim ban
These different takes on iced coffee will help you to cool off – and get your caffeine hit – as the mercury soars.
Two complete strangers meet and undress each other. With just 30 minutes, there is no time to lose. Watch the first four episodes now.
The opening stage of the Tour Down Under was shortened on Tuesday at the peaceable request of the peloton that laboured in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius.
With the fence giving way in Newcastle over the weekend, The World Game take a look back in time to document the barrier's increasing role in A-League folklore.
Action Bronson and Meyhem Lauren visit New Zealand, where they eat bagels, drink wine, shoot arrows... and get so high that they toast the moon.
A single heartbeat can cause a person to make a decision based on racial bias, said an unusual study into the crucial organ's influence on human snap judgement.
Carlos Mangubat on the difficulty of coming to terms with his sexuality in a religious household in a country town, with no gay Asian role models.
It's not easy to get into the Studio Ghibli Museum, but the team from SBS PopAsia's Eat Your Kimchi podcast managed to pull it off.
Spiritual leader and humanitarian Mata Amritanandamayi is known for her healing hugs, having embraced a reported 33 million people worldwide.
The White House interior is set to be adjusted to fit Donald Trump's tastes. Comedian Liam Ryan takes a look at what might happen.
It’s not a kooky, faux-Mediterranean décor scheme: the reason some of your favourite Chinese restaurants are adorned in grapevines is because the region they hail...
Midnight Sun

From the makers of The Bridge, don’t miss Midnight Sun, set high above the Arctic Circle where the sun never sets. Exclusive to SBS On Demand.

Police justify their actions as 'taking back' the park for families, but much of the cruising takes place when families aren’t in public places like parks anyway,...
More dads are open to trading hours at work for time at home with their kids – so why aren't more workplaces supporting them?
Australia is currently in the grips of a garlic bread shortage, causing major disruptions to incompetent cooks across the country.
Singapore is more than a layover destination: it's a thriving metropolis filled with great food, hidden bars, and a fun quirky culture.
Polygamy is taboo in Western society and Christianity but other cultures and faiths permit plural marriage. SBS takes a closer look.
#WalkWithUs - Indigenous Stories
Sharon Winsor, founder of indigiearth, tells her emotional story of surviving family violence to becoming the CEO of one of Australia's most sought-after brands.
It turns out, when it comes to Indigenous representation in comic form, there are more heroes out there than just sex-ed champion Condoman.
Poetry in protest is not simply a mantra to be chanted at picket lines, but an invocation of the power of language to speak to a higher law, writes Tony Hughes-D...
Noongar woman and Family Rules star Daniella Borg never thought she'd be left alone to care for her nine daughters.
A young Aboriginal woman lies dies in agony on the floor of a police lock-up while officers laugh, call her a “junkie” and accuse her of “faking” illness.
Paying homage to the historic 1967 referendum, some of our best and brightest will take the Opera House stage to perform some of the greatest songs of the civil...
The World Game
The live football continues on SBS this week, with Tottenham Hotspur in Premier League action while Melbourne Victory play host to Brisbane Roar in an A-League...
Australia's rise among the world's top 50 football nations has continued, with Ange Postecoglou's men jumping up three spots in the latest FIFA rankings released...
The Premier League continues on SBS, headlined by another blockbuster between London rivals Chelsea and Arsenal on Saturday February 4.
All the information about SBS's coverage of the A-League for the 2016-2017 season.
FIFA’s councillors have voted unanimously to expand the World Cup finals from 32 to 48 teams.
All the information about SBS's coverage of the Premier League, which commences with the 2016-2017 campaign.
Camila, Rafael and Cazé have one rule: sex should never get in the way of their friendship. But this turns out to be a little more complicated than anticipated.
When it comes to movies, there's something for everybody on SBS, SBS VICELAND, NITV and SBS On Demand. Find out what's screening where and when.
The award-winning actress revealed she was paid a third of what her male co-star earned in 'No Strings Attached'.
There are over 50 movies from countries celebrating the dawn of the Year of the Rooster now available to stream through SBS OnDemand.
Jeremy Saulnier’s 2013 take on the vigilante genre is both a masterclass in suspense and a brutal rebuttal to traditionally slick action films.
The 1992 basketball comedy 'White Men Can't Jump' is getting a remake from 'Black-ish' creator Kenya Barris, Clippers power forward Blake Griffin, and the NFL's...
Long Reads
Nhill is now home to 200 Karen refugees from Myanmar. Far from dividing locals, the huge influx of newcomers – many of whom arrived traumatised, unfamiliar with...
A dux of her school, with marks that could send her to Australia’s most elite universities, Afghan-born refugee Kbora Ali instead made a ground-breaking decision:...
Kot Monoah is a lawyer and advocate for the South Sudanese community. He wants to show that those who have suffered violence do not have to be defined by it.
The kickbacks, cover-ups and constant surveillance at China’s state media juggernaut – as revealed by a woman seeking asylum in Australia.
Two women break decades of silence on their ordeal in the care of Australia's worst paedophile priest – and their disappointment with Cardinal Pell.