Thousands of fans gathered under a blazing sun in southern Brazil on Saturday as Chapecoense played their first match since most of their players were killed in an air...
Led by women in pink "pussyhats," hundreds of thousands of people packed the streets of Washington and other cities in a massive outpouring of defiant opposition to...
Nice striker Mario Balotelli has accused supporters of Ligue 1 rivals Bastia of making monkey noises at him.
Caleb Ewan again proved himself too fast for Peter Sagan and the Santos Tour Down Under field after crafting his way to a third stage victory at the 2017 event.
Adam Liaw is back with an all-new series of Destination Flavour. This time around he uncovers the diverse cuisine of Singapore.
Set in Detroit and Tangiers, underground musician Adam (Tom Hiddleston) reunites – after several centuries – with his enigmatic lover Eve (Tilda Swinton).
As claims that Donald Trump may have engaged in some sort of urine-based sexual activity spread across the Internet, comedian Ben Pobjie asks for permission to laugh.
'Midnight Sun' follows French investigator Kahina Zadi to a small town in Swedish Lappland, where the sun doesn't set and things aren't as they seem.
Donald Trump has become president of the United States of America.
The rider who impressed Anthony Tan the most Thursday at the Tour Down Under was, rather ironically, the very person with the least to prove.
Lunar New Year is celebrated by several different Asian cultures. SBS takes a look at the traditions and superstitions ahead of the January 28 event.
Inspired by a Bermudan cocktail, this rum-based granita is one for the sailors – with a ginger beer twist, to help with the sea-sickness.
Carlos Mangubat on the difficulty of coming to terms with his sexuality in a religious household in a country town, with no gay Asian role models.
Ellen Page and Ian Daniel head to Ukraine two years after the revolution and meet with the LGBTQI activists fighting for visibility and equality in a post-Soviet...
Prized for its supposed medicinal value, the population of this scaled mammal is being brought to its knees by poaching, as demand from China and Vietnam soars.
Midnight Sun

From the makers of The Bridge, don’t miss Midnight Sun, set high above the Arctic Circle where the sun never sets. Exclusive to SBS On Demand.

A chance encounter on a Swedish ski field was the beginning of an amazing story of friendship and family.
The Cabinet says it did not want to cause “social problems”.
A proposed linguistic change could temper a cultural obsession with body weight, writes James Hamblin.
Whether you glory in vampire-killing garlic breath or just want to put the beaut bulb's health-helping properties to use, we've got you covered.
A who's-who of comedy do away the dull pretension of historians, delivering the human detail that can only come to life after one too many drinks.
#WalkWithUs - Indigenous Stories
It turns out, when it comes to Indigenous representation in comic form, there are more heroes out there than just sex-ed champion Condoman.
Sharon Winsor, founder of indigiearth, tells her emotional story of surviving family violence to becoming the CEO of one of Australia's most sought-after brands.
Poetry in protest is not simply a mantra to be chanted at picket lines, but an invocation of the power of language to speak to a higher law, writes Tony Hughes-D...
Noongar woman and Family Rules star Daniella Borg never thought she'd be left alone to care for her nine daughters.
A young Aboriginal woman lies dies in agony on the floor of a police lock-up while officers laugh, call her a “junkie” and accuse her of “faking” illness.
Paying homage to the historic 1967 referendum, some of our best and brightest will take the Opera House stage to perform some of the greatest songs of the civil...
The World Game
The LIVE football continues on SBS this week, headlined by Newcastle Jets playing Tim Cahill's Melbourne City at Coffs Harbour International Stadium on Friday night.
Fernando Llorente and Gylfi Sigurdsson dealt a blow to Liverpool's Premier League title chances as Swansea City edged a five-goal thriller 3-2 at Anfield.
All the information about SBS's coverage of the A-League for the 2016-2017 season.
Wayne Rooney made Manchester United history as he scored with seconds remaining to secure a 1-1 Premier League draw away to Stoke City.
"Ask any player and they will all say the refereeing this season is the worst it has ever been." This was the disturbing text I got from a high-profile player who...
All the information about SBS's coverage of the Premier League, which commences with the 2016-2017 campaign.
Director Garth Davis talks about what drew him to the story of Saroo Brierley for his first foray into directing a feature-length film.
Oliver meets Anna. This new love floods Oliver with memories of his father, who came out of the closet at age 75 to live a full, energized life.
There are over 50 movies from countries celebrating the dawn of the Year of the Rooster now available to stream through SBS OnDemand.
When it comes to movies, there's something for everybody on SBS, SBS VICELAND, NITV and SBS On Demand. Find out what's screening where and when.
Jeremy Saulnier’s 2013 take on the vigilante genre is both a masterclass in suspense and a brutal rebuttal to traditionally slick action films.
Camila, Rafael and Cazé have one rule: sex should never get in the way of their friendship. But this turns out to be a little more complicated than anticipated.
Long Reads
Nhill is now home to 200 Karen refugees from Myanmar. Far from dividing locals, the huge influx of newcomers – many of whom arrived traumatised, unfamiliar with...
A dux of her school, with marks that could send her to Australia’s most elite universities, Afghan-born refugee Kbora Ali instead made a ground-breaking decision:...
Kot Monoah is a lawyer and advocate for the South Sudanese community. He wants to show that those who have suffered violence do not have to be defined by it.
The kickbacks, cover-ups and constant surveillance at China’s state media juggernaut – as revealed by a woman seeking asylum in Australia.
Two women break decades of silence on their ordeal in the care of Australia's worst paedophile priest – and their disappointment with Cardinal Pell.