Two people have been shot dead and 17 injured in a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida.
The locations of some hostages and the Lindt cafe siege gunman have been reconstructed in forensic videos at the coronial inquest into the fatal stand-off.
In contrast to Clinton, Trump's speeches are stuffed full of words with little meaning.
What is it that gives Chris Froome and Team Sky that extra edge in the biggest race of the season?
Daily updates of the Tour de France 2016. Hosted by Michael Tomalaris. Reporting by Dave McKenzie and Henk Vogels. Commentary by Robbie McEwen, Matthew Keenan, Phil...
Australia's paranoia with playing its football almost exclusively on the deck may come at a heavy cost in the long run simply because many young emerging players are...
Rio Olympic Village has been declared 'uninhabitable', having everything from blocked toilets to exposed wiring, all in the discomfort of a bad neighbourhood
The summer nights are seductively beautiful until Puck finds one of the female guests murdered. Someone on the island is a killer.
The good doctor isn't afraid to put his body on the line to prove everyone else wrong
Sure, most mammals are way more hairy. But what’s the deal with beards?
The newly discovered, highly nutritious secretion contains three times the amount of energy found in cow milk.
You might not have heard of Simon Hunt, but if you were around in the late 90's, you've almost certainly heard of his alter ego, Pauline Pantsdown. Here, Simon...
When did the right to offend trump the right to take offence?
There are few hard facts in the history of pizza. The word probably shares its origins with the Greek pitta and the Turkish pide...
The documentary filmmaker presents a terrifyingly convincing argument.
Roots premieres July 27 on SBS and NITV

Don’t miss this reimagining of the epic family saga and portrait of American slavery, following the journey of one family and their will to survive.

Sex, spying and political intrigue - Versailles focuses on the coming of age of King Louis XIV as he evolves into a 17th century rock star monarch.
Forget everything you knew about Nordic noir - Trapped is a world of Icelandic mystery you wouldn't want to leave if you could.
Set against the backdrop of the greatest race against time in the history of science — the mission to build the world’s first atomic bomb — Manhattan follows the...
Hold on for a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns with this gripping crime thriller from acclaimed novelist Harlan Coben. A group of friends haunted by the...
Comedian, writer, actress and political commentator Samantha Bee brings her sassy, smart and satirical point of view to a range of current and relevant issues in...