British voters dealt a seismic blow to the European Union by voting to leave the bloc, triggering the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron Friday and sending...
Germany's Foreign Ministry has joked on Twitter that the dismay caused by the Brexit vote has led them to head to an Irish pub to get drunk.
It was Britain's poorer and less-educated citizens - angry at not having shared in the economic benefits of a new world order who pushed it out of the European Union,...
SBS World News presenter Janice Petersen took a DNA test and the results opened up a whole world of family history.
The landscape of European football could be set for widespread changes after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union through a referendum.
Morning breaks on day 10 of Sugar Free Farm’s two-week experiment and it appears that lifestyle changes have really taken place.
Brexit Through the Gift Shop?
While details about the sinkhole's history aren't very precise, it is believed to have been set alight with the plan to burn out after a few days.
Worried that your political group doesn't look very on-message due to it's ethnic make-up? Fear not, John Safran has the solution.
The moment you've been waiting 12 long months for is here - the Tour de France. SBS will bring you the racing, personalities, food, chateaux and colour of the Tour de...
The poster child for vegetable hatred, many a broccoli floret has been left on the plates of disgusted diners.
After being tortured in Iran over illegal abortions, Kooshyar Karimi was forced to spy on fellow Jews. The doctor and author eventually fled his homeland, finding...
It's the end of an era. Jamaica dela Cruz is bidding farewell to PopAsians!
After the frozen berry hepatitis scare, Australia responded with laws that could help consumers make savvier choices.
If you ask an Asian how old they are, you may be surprised to find they look young for their age. But there’s a perfectly logical explanation.
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