The Islamic State group has released a video in which militants in Iraq are seen destroying ancient artefacts that included idols, which are prohibited by the Muslim...
Seven customers who ate tuna at a Sydney cafe have suffered suspected scombroid fish poisoning, NSW Health says.
Celebrities are weighing in on the colour of the dress that has broken the internet.
Get into the spirit of Mardi Gras with a great batch of indie movies that deal with coming out and living it up. First week of March on SBS 2 and SBS On Demand.
On the day Newcastle Jets announced the signing of Serbian attacking midfielder Enver Alivodic until the end of the A-League season, former club captain Joel Griffiths...
WATCH Ep.2 Thar She Blows! - Matthew, Ross and Nick sail toward Maria Island, following in the wake of Baudin’s French expedition in the early 1800s.
WATCH Ep.4 Revere embarks on his legendary ride to warn the colonists, and when fleeing they hear the infamous 'shot heard round the world'.
Comedian John Robertson lays out how the Internet has single handled destroyed the myth of the celebrity role model, like it destroys everything else.
The internet has been buzzing over a video of an octopus leaping out of the water to catch a crab. Isn't it time we gave this inky invertebrate another chance?
The Backburner (satire) writes: "Devastating polling has revealed that Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s approval rating has plunged to one guy named Pete who lives in...
WATCH Detective Winckler investigates a wave of strange murders that are linked to a former crime squad legend. Who is digging up the bodies?
Two escaped llamas led authorities in Phoenix on a long chase as audiences nationwide were captivated by live video of their escapades filmed from television news...
When it comes to movies, there's something for everybody on SBS ONE, SBS 2 and On Demand. Find out what's screening where and when.
NSW Premier Mike Baird’s foray into online comedy has been pulled off the internet after a video featuring him reading mean tweets came to the attention of...
"The Awakening" - Journalist Peter Veraas discovers, after five years of investigating, the first sign that his brother was pushed to commit suicide.
Mardi Gras 2015
SBS is bringing the parade exclusively from the streets of Sydney to lounge rooms across the country in a special event broadcast. SBS ONE 8.30pm, 8th March.
From bratwurst and beef polpette to fruit and walnut fritole, we're munching on meatballs, succumbing to sausages and devouring our favourite fig desserts.
Some men like cars. Some men like fixing things. Some men like cars and fixing things, but also women’s clothes.
Olympic snowboarder and beyondblue Ambassador Belle Brockhoff is reminding people, as they enjoy the Mardi Gras, that it’s important to reach out if they feel...
The Backburner (satire) writes: "New South Wales Christian Democrats MLC Fred Nile has blasted the festival for being 'nowhere near as good as it used to be'."
SBS celebrates the Year of the Sheep

Explore the traditions and excitement of one of the world’s largest cultural celebrations with SBS.

The World Game
Melbourne City has a new headquarters after the City Football Group unveiled its Australian training and administration facility – City Football Academy Melbourne – at...
Recycling coaches has become a thing of the past in the A-League. Get sacked, be 'mutually terminated' or resign from your head coaching job these days and you...
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho's recent rantings about a campaign against the Blues may have come as a surprise to an English audience but the 'Special One's'...
With just 100 days to go before the 2015 Women's World Cup in Canada, the time has come to pay Australia's women's national team the credit and attention it truly...
'Football breeds a fan collective which lives on tribalistic instincts, which in turn provides a licence to bully.'
The Capital One Cup final and the Scottish League Cup Final are coming LIVE to SBS ONE in March.
'This is a coffee table aesthetic. It’s all very beautiful, but it’s as subtle as an oil slick... But then on a certain superficial level, I like this movie a lot more...
Two 18-year-olds have their hearts set on a future in professional soccer. But for Jesminder, daughter of orthodox Sikhs, heart-stopping talent doesn't seem to be...
After her brother commits suicide, a brilliant female painter must disguise herself as a man in order to maintain her family's position in the Korean royal court.
Get into the spirit of Mardi Gras with a great batch of indie movies that deal with coming out and living it up. First week of March on SBS 2 and SBS On Demand.
Ari is caught between his Greekness, his Australianness, his gayness and his city of Melbourne.
A student discovers of a human ear in his garden, which leads him to the underbelly of his idyllic hometown. With Isabella Rosselini, Dennis Hopper and Laura Dern.
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Comment & Analysis
What was offered? A fancy title? A souvenir mug? Cartoonist David Blumenstein has put together a handy infographic so you have all the 'facts'.
iPhone and Mac users will be able to send emoji with different skin tones soon, a software release revealed Monday.
We’re drowning in screens. The distraction has consequences. Focus on what's really important.
As The Walking Dead's fans erupt over the she's first man-on-man action, we ask - what's the big deal about men kissing men?
The internet has been buzzing over a video of an octopus leaping out of the water to catch a crab. Isn't it time we gave this inky invertebrate another chance?
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