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Freedom of Information (FOI) - Information Publication Scheme

SBS is subject to the Freedom of Information Act 1992 (Cth) (FOI Act). Part II of the FOI Act establishes the Information Publication Scheme (IPS) for government agencies subject to the FOI Act. The IPS requires agencies to publish a range of information and to make that information available online where possible.

Agency Plan
SBS IPS Agency Plan:


Who we are
SBS is an independent statutory authority established as a corporation under the Special Broadcasting Service (1991) (SBS Act).

What we do
The SBS Charter, contained in the SBS Act, sets out SBS's principal functions and duties. Our principal Charter function is to provide multilingual and multicultural radio and television services that inform, educate and entertain all Australians, and, in doing so, reflect and promote Australia's multicultural society.

SBS broadcasts its programming to a national television and radio audience and delivers content online on its website www.sbs.com.au.

More information about what we do can be found here:

Operational information can be found in the Policies & Publications section of this website including:

Our reports and responses to Parliament

Routinely requested information and disclosure log
Information which has been released in response to a request for access to the SBS document under the FOI Act, and any routinely released information from such requests, can be found on our Disclosure Log page.

Consultation arrangements
Information about how members of the public may comment on specific policy proposals when SBS undertakes a public consulations (for example when SBS reviews its Codes of Practice) will be available from the SBS website home page (www.sbs.com.au).

Contact us
  • Information about how to contact SBS is available on the Contact page.
  • Information about how to provide feedback or make a complaint is available on the Feedback & Complaints page.
  • Information about how to make a request for access to an SBS document under the FOI Act is available on the FOI - Access Requests page.


Our priorities
The SBS Corporate Plan 2010-2013 sets out SBS's priorities for 2010-2013 including:
  • purpose, vision and values
  • strategic direction
  • goal and core strategies

Our research
Information about research conducted or commissioned by SBS can be found in the Policies & Publications section of the SBS website.

Our submissions and speeches
Our submissions to government and agency inquiries can be found on our Submissions page. Speeches delivered by the SBS Managing Director are available on the News & Media Releases page.

Our policies

List of documents which are impracticable to publish online
Any IPS documents which are impracticable to publish online will be published here. If you wish to access these documents please contact the FOI contact officer. Charges may be imposed for access to these documents, and will be advised on request. Where relevant charges will be consistent with the charges in the Freedom of Information (Charges) Regulation 1982.