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FAQ's - SBS International

Can I buy DVD videos of programs broadcast on SBS Television?

Only selected television programs are available for sale. Check the SBS Shop for titles.

Why are many of your programs not available for purchase on DVD?

The rights required to sell programs are not always available due to clearance issues. SBS usually attempts to secure the rights, but it can only offer DVDs where those rights have been secured. For a list of available SBS TV programs on DVD, visit the SBS Shop.

What other program-related merchandise is available for purchase?

For a complete list of available SBS merchandise such as books, CDs and DVDs visit the SBS Shop.

Are there special discounts for teachers, schools or tertiary institutions?

Selected programs are available from Marcom Projects for public libraries, businesses, community organisations and government departments. Go to Marcom's site for a complete list or email Discounts from retail stores are at the discretion of the retailer.

Where can I purchase SBS DVDs, CDs and books?

Dymocks, JB Hi-Fi and many other retailers.

Can I purchase SBS merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, pens and other items?

Such items are not currently produced.

A probing story: The SBS switchboard takes up to 350 calls from viewers and listeners on an average day.  We also receive up to 100 emails per day, or more if there's a hot issue brewing. The two most common questions asked are:  "Will a particular program be repeated?" and "Is x program available to purchase?"