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FAQ's - Subtitles

Why do you use different types of subtitles on SBS?

SBS subtitles the majority of its non-English language programs in-house. The distinctive colour, font and size of subtitles were adopted after extensive research. For the majority of our programs, which are broadcast in colour it was found that yellow letters with thin black borders provide the maximum degree of contrast. For black and white material we use white subtitles with thin black borders.

A long overdue story:
  In 2002, SBS aired a series called 500 Nations on the Native American peoples. This prompted the SBS audience to ask why we didn't have an Australian equivalent. The then managing director of SBS, Nigel Milan, consulted with fellow board member Gordon Briscoe, who said: "Give my people back their history. Give Indigenous Australians their history, because that has been taken from them. And that's something you can do." The series First Australians came six years later.