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Click here to download the SBS Online advertising guidelines, or view them below.

SBS online advertising guidelines


Leaderboard/Footerboard – 728 x 90
Island – 300 x 250
Sponsored Text Link – 60 x 50 Static Image file, with maximum 25 words of text.


We will need the raw files, redirect tags cannot be accepted.

Video Pre Rolls – Max 15 seconds
Minimum 1MB Flash8 On2VP6 .flv File
Frame size 720x405
Aspect Ratio 16x9
Video Bit Rate 650kbps
Frame Rate: 25fps
Mp3 Audio: CBR 128kbps
Audio Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Audio Channel: Stereo
Naming Convention: filename_1000K.flv
Click-through not required

Video Banner
468 x 60 Static Gif Image, with a click through URL.


SBS cannot accept expanding creative on any News and Current Affairs sites.

Files must not exceed 39 kilobytes each. (Except Pre Rolls)

We require static or animated GIF or SWF Flash files. If providing Flash, also provide a back-up GIF for non-Flash-using site visitors.
We require a click-through URL, or click tracking tags, for all creative.
(Implement this in Flash using the clickTAG variable).
Correct click tag to implement into the Flash creative:
on (release) {
getURL (_level0.clickTag,"_blank");}

If hosted by 3rd party: (Leaderboards/Footerboards and Islands only)

(Eyeblaster, Facilitator etc) SBS requires GIF and SWF files for creative approval, and redirect tags to display the advertisement. Please ensure that clicks are being tracked, or please request for this to be implemented by SBS in DoubleClick.


SBS online sales

Carl Davies
Head of Online, Stenmark Organisation
Ph: 02 8907 2216 I Fax: 02 9956 8130
Mob: 0400 008232

Joanna L’Estrange
Sales Executive, Stenmark Organisation
Ph: 02 8907 2209 I Fax: 02 9956 8130
Mob: 0402 836266


Sabrina Jansz
Sales Executive, Stenmark Organisation
Ph: 03 9696 2244 I Fax: 03 9696 2700
Mob: 0401 187 428


Naomi Gora
Sales Executive, Stenmark Organisation
Ph: 07 3890 2388 I Fax: 07 3890 5388

South Australia

Anna Wood
Sales Executive, Stenmark Organisation
Ph: 08 8274 2119 I Fax: 08 8274 2169

Western Australia

Michelle Magdy
WA State Manager, Stenmark Organisation
Ph: 0438 135 833

Commercial Scheduling
SBS Corporation
14 Herbert St Artarmon, NSW 2064
Ph: 02 9430 2844

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