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SBS has four free-to-air television channels available to all Australians: SBS, SBS 2, NITV and Food Network. Here's how to make sure you can watch SBS, or find our channels if you've lost them.

Retune Information

  • Throughout 2015, the SBS DTV Signal around the country has been upgraded to provide more bandwidth for better quality pictures and sound as the final step in the move to digital-only TV. While all viewers will be able to experience better quality pictures and sound as a result, some may lose their SBS signal and will need to retune their digital TV, set-top box or digital TV recorder.

  • What do I need to do? – If you cannot find an SBS channel,  or if you have lost the SBS signal, you will need to retune your TV

  • How do I retune? – Consult your user manual or for basic instructions click here.

  • Apartment and other shared antenna systems – If you receive TV in a building with a shared antenna like a hospital, motel, office or apartment block you should check with your building manager or body corporate for more information if you are having problems retuning.

If you own or manage a building with a Master Antenna TV system, click here for information.

How to do the Retune

The instructions below are basic and not related to any specific receiver brand. Menu descriptions and labels may vary depending on your equipment.

Auto Tuning

Menu or Home button on remote control

Press OK

Settings or Setup

Press OK

Digital Setup

Press OK

Auto scan or Auto retune will appear,

Press OK

It will take few minutes to do the re-scan. This will search for the channel and restore it in your Digital TV or receiver.

Press Exit

For specific retuning instructions, consult your equipment manual. For more information or assistance regarding retuning your TV, please contact the SBS Reception Advisory Line on 1800 500 727.

Information for owners or managers of Multi Dwelling Units (MDUs)

If you own or manage a multiple dwelling units (MDU) then you may need to have your distribution system checked to ensure it can accommodate the bit rate change.

Contact your installer or system maintainer as your system will require adjustments. If you choose not to do anything then viewers in the MDU may lose all the SBS channels after the upgrade.

We suggest you discuss your options as soon as possible to ensure the availability of an installer as there may be increased demand in some areas for installers to check shared systems in the lead up to the upgrade.

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