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Rory Medcalf worked variously as an intelligence analyst, diplomat and journalist before joining the Lowy Institute in March 2007.

Rory Medcalf In a wide-ranging career, Rory Medcalf has specialised in understanding the politics of war and peace.

He has worked as an intelligence analyst, diplomat and journalist, studied conflicts first-hand from Kashmir to the Pacific to Northern Ireland, and now directs the international security program for the Lowy Institute in Sydney. His formal diplomatic
experience included a posting to New Delhi, a secondment to Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, truce monitoring following the civil war on Bougainville, and contributing to nuclear disarmament projects including the Canberra Commission on the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons. He then served as a senior strategic analyst with the Office of National Assessments, Australia's peak intelligence agency.

Rory's earlier work as a newspaper journalist was commended in the Walkley awards. He
maintains a close interest in India, and convenes unofficial dialogues between Australian and Indian policy thinkers.