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Cory Bernardi is very cranky that Malcolm Turnbull didn't defend him against claims that Bernardi is a homophobe. And that's because he doesn't think he is one. So why...
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Following the continuing fallout from Brexit, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared the Coalition to be the necessary stable choice, saying that his...
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The Labor Party has released costings for their policies leading up to the election despite immense time pressures from the effort spent labouring under the...
Healthcare? Education? No thanks. Isn't it about time politicians won our votes by finally answering the important questions? Comedian Nicholas Fischer wants to...
Catching public transport is terrible enough without the addition of winter and all the disgusting human behaviour that comes along with it. Comedian Liam Ryan...
Scott Morrison has compared people disagreeing with his stance on same-sex marriage as being comparable to the bigotry that LGBTI people face. Comedian Rebecca...
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The Goddam Election! with John Safran

The Goddam Election! with John Safran

Safran's back! The Goddam Election! with John Safran premieres Sunday, 26 June at 8:30pm on SBS

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Missed The Goddam Election! with John Safran? Catch up at On Demand: John Safran investigates the micro parties contesting the 2016 Australian Federal Election,...
"It’s not just white people vs brown people. It’s messier than that."
That voice. That face. Those stunts. There is only one John Safran.
The 2016 election sees Australian television serving up more comedy than ever before. But which show is doing the best job of making a mockery of our politicians?
Worried that your political group doesn't look very on-message due to it's ethnic make-up? Fear not, John Safran has the solution.
John Safran caught up with SBS Radio ahead of his new one hour special 'The Goddam Election! with John Safran'

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In the early 90s, a little known Japanese Samurai/Detective series hit Australia where it quickly became a cult hit. In Japan it was called 'Ronin Suiri Tentai ...
Little Finger and Varys meet in a shady corner of Kingslanding...
Every Episode of Bref to date. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday!
Meet Carlos, founder of an extreme corporate team-building business. He believed that most corporate team-building methods were a waste of time and that to truly...

SBS Comedy Runway: Fully Furnished

Tom Ballard and Tommy Dassalo star as Todd and Dayne, two terrible people in a three bedroom house who have just driven out the last person willing to live with...
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