Al Hinds Sun 07 September 2014, 05:00PM

Froome-Contador redux

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Earlier this week we published a review of the film, Slaying the Badger, a documentary that follows Greg LeMond’s journey to become the first non-European to win the Tour de France, in 1986. But the story itself is nothing without Bernard Hinault, the elder French champion, who continually rattles LeMond’s nerve throughout, keeping the American on his toes until the finish.

If you’ve not seen the film, read Richard Moore’s book first, which gives a far more detailed and insightful account of the context of the LeMond-Hinault relationship, and the intriguing rivalry the played out between both riders in 1985 and 1986.

As the Vuelta rages on, it’s a timely reminder of what makes sport great. The protagonists. The characters. The rivalries. Merckx-Ocaña. Lewis-Johnson. Armstrong-Ullrich. Contador-Schleck. Federer-Nadal. And the ongoing, and unfinished Contador-Froome.

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Al Hinds Sat 30 August 2014, 08:30PM

Reflecting on the Daryl Impey case

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In June, just as he was finishing his final preparations for the Tour de France, Daryl Impey was given news no athlete wants to hear. Positive. To what? It didn’t really matter. A sinking feeling. Disbelief. And then, as the news sunk in, contact with his team. No Tour. A fight to clear his name. To save his career.

It’s taken two months, but the South African Anti-Doping Organisation (SAIDS) appears to have now backflipped, siding with Impey that the test carried out back in February at the National Championships, had been somehow "cross-contaminated".

It was a long-shot, it always is in cases such as this where the burden of proof falls on the defense, but Impey was successful in making a case to clear his name.

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Al Hinds Mon 18 August 2014, 02:30PM

Four ways you convince yourself you're still fit when you're not

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You’re fully aware that you haven’t ridden a bike for more than five minutes in over six weeks, you’ve been eating like a slob, and your recent physical activity level could at best be described as ‘slothful’. And yet somehow, you’re totally and utterly convinced that when you jump back on the bike, for that first, ice-breaking ride, it’ll all be fine. That you’ll be conquering Cols like the pros.

I’ve been riding bikes my whole life. I’ve been a ‘cyclist’ for the last decade. But every time I step away, be it for a holiday, a period of work overseas, or I simply lose motivation, I tend to believe that my idleness will have absolutely no bearing on my fitness. I’ll just kit up, roll out, and bang, it’ll be like, err, riding a bike.

Because, you know, the croissant only diet in France wasn’t just tasty, but healthy too! My belly hasn’t bulged, my pants have shrunk… All of them. I’m puffing more than usual because of the pollens, not that my cardio system hasn’t been out of first gear in more than a month. I’m not unfit. I’m not!

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Al Hinds Thu 07 August 2014, 02:00AM

Why BMC is back on track under Allan Peiper

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Twelve months after the departure of its founding Sports Director John Lelangue, BMC is proceeding full bore with a dramatic restructure set to further establish Allan Peiper’s vision for its future. While it’s still early days, there’s plenty of promise from the first forays of Peiper's reign at the helm, writes Al Hinds.

The struggle watching BMC for so many years was seeing a team with one of the biggest financial war chests in the professional peloton be so categorically wasteful with its resource and talent.

Riders were recruited haphazardly. Money splashed where it wasn’t needed, saved where it was. In the classics squad, the team brought in no less than four different leaders, all geared to the same races. Roubaix, and Flanders. Ballan, Burghardt, Hushovd, Van Avermaet. Even more hilarious was that Van Avermaet left Lotto to be given more opportunities, opportunities he wasn’t being given there because of the presence of Philippe Gilbert. Then in 2012, BMC recruited Gilbert. Seriously.

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Al Hinds Sat 26 July 2014, 03:00AM

Tour Diary Day #20

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I have a very, very good job, and I am very, very fortunate to do it, but it does have one caveat.

It’s not a frustration or a complaint, just something that should be a sort of disclaimer to those watching on from afar that have a slightly romanticised vision of what covering the Tour de France amounts to. Behind the curtain if you will.

Let me take you to the top of the Col du Tourmalet, Stage 18, the final day in the Pyrenees. My cousin, Anna, had messaged to say she was going to be in the Pyrenees, and that if she’d make it to any Tour stage, she’d be making it to the 18th. She wanted to be on the Tourmalet.

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