Anthony Tan Tue 11 November 2014, 04:00PM

Velo Files: What Women Want

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That one of the most read articles concerning minimum wages in cycling failed to canvass the direst situation of all only augments the parlous reality that is women's pro cycling, writes Anthony Tan.

One of the most tweeted-about cycling yarns last week came from CyclingTips, 'How UCI minimum wage regulations are being broken'.

The story, researched and written by Irish-based journalist Shane Stokes, cited two methods by which wage regulations were being undermined: the first by riders being paid a salary, but having to pay for a portion of their travel and accommodation expenses; the second, by riders bringing one of their personal sponsors to the team, then subsequently being paid in part or whole from the money brought by that sponsor.

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Anthony Tan Tue 04 November 2014, 10:00AM

Velo Files: Love To Hate

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At what point does one's love for something become so great, it eventually leads to feeling the exact opposite, asks Anthony Tan?

How do you define a successful athlete?

It was a topic that created a rather, well, shall we say, 'robust' discussion, in last week's Cycling Central podcast (go to the 34:33 mark to listen).

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Anthony Tan Fri 24 October 2014, 05:00PM

Velo Files: Newton's Law

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A need to remember, pitted against a need to forget... The tide has only just turned for the better, but the dance inside our heads that goes back and forth will long continue, writes Anthony Tan.

Why do we continue to talk about him?

Off the back of Cycling Central editor Phil Gomes' latest blog, 'Too soon to get the band back together?', Al Hinds, Rob Arnold and myself mused over him in this week's podcast (go to the 30:40 mark to listen).

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Anthony Tan Tue 21 October 2014, 03:00PM

Velo Files: Child's Play

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If we're "genetically hard-wired to eat" as the experts say, it follows that parents should be hard-wiring their children to exercise, too. Asks Anthony Tan, aside from walking, what easier way is there than to start with a bicycle?

"Australians are getting fatter, more quickly, than just about any other country in the world."

That's what ABC Four Corners reporter Geoff Thomson told the audience in last week's episode, 'Fat Chance', which focused on the Victorian town of Ararat - once one of the "fattest" towns in Australia - to see the effects of an ongoing community intervention to promote weight loss and improved health.

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Anthony Tan Wed 15 October 2014, 02:00PM

Velo Files: Calling BS on the DT

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Given today is national #Ride2Work Day, Anthony Tan has timely discovered a new titleholder as 'The King of Spin'.

It's timely national Ride2Work Day popped up today - right on the back of some typically lowbrow reporting from a typically lowbrow publication, a.k.a. The Daily Telegraph.

"Is cycling to work really faster than the train? We put Clover Moore's claims to the test," read the headline in their May 10 article featured last week.

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