Anthony Tan Mon 22 September 2014, 09:00PM

Velo Files: Beating The Unbeaten

Road, AUS, Simon Gerrans, Alejandro Valverde, ESP, Movistar

As far as Anthony Tan is concerned there is only one man Simon Gerrans need concern himself with this Sunday, as he attempts to repeat the feat of Cadel Evans five years ago.

"He's an incomparable rider. There's not one able to keep as much focus and willingness to win through the whole season like he does. He performs just like the best and gives us lots of reasons to keep supporting him every day. Though he's spent so much time at the top, he shows us to be feeling like a 25-year-old. He's superb."

Take a guess and ask yourself who is delivering the praise and who is being praised.

Out of the 500 odd riders in the WorldTour, which rider maintains complete focus from his first race day to the last?

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Anthony Tan Fri 19 September 2014, 09:00AM

Velo Files: Should Cadel Stop?

cycling, road, anthony tan, cadel evans, retirement, gazzetta, giro d'italia, tour de france

It's a question being bandied around a lot of late, and in Australia at least, speculation is reaching fever pitch. For Anthony Tan, the answer is simple.

Realistically, how many more chances do you think you have left to win the Tour de France?

'Two, maybe three...'

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Anthony Tan Tue 09 September 2014, 01:00PM

Velo Files: Mamilmania

Road, AUS, Commuting, CBD, cycling,tips, Mamil, corporate

Asks Anthony Tan, has the inexorable rise and rise of ‘the Mamil’ killed the working class ethos of cycling, and is such blatant conspicuous consumption destroying the sport’s identity as the great leveller?

They're rich. Many, very rich. They have some of the best bikes money can buy. They buy the glossiest of glossy magazines. They watch the Tour religiously. They're middle-aged. They're in lycra - only the best, of course.

Yes, they're Mamils... Middle-aged men in lycra. And they're an advertiser's dream.

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Anthony Tan Tue 02 September 2014, 11:00AM

Velo Files: Easy Riders

Road, AUS, Commuting, CBD, cycling,tips

Wonders Anthony Tan, is there such a thing as the perfect commuting bike?

Being rather new to this commuting world on wheels and just as curious about other people's steeds as my own, I sent out a tweet to y'all a week ago...
For an upcoming blog, tweet me a pic of your commuter bike, and tell me what you like most about it, and what you'd change. #sbscycling

— Anthony Tan (@anthony_tan) August 26, 2014Road, MTB or cyclocross frame? 23, 25, 28, 32, or 35mm tyres? Flat or rounded bars? Mudguards? Panniers or backpack? Pedals? Gearing? Reach? Lights? Lock?

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Anthony Tan Tue 26 August 2014, 10:00AM

Velo Files: Taxi Driver

Anthony Tan may just have uncovered the greatest irony on our roads.

I don't suppose you have ever read The Highway Code
You know that you shouldn't be allowed on the road
I remember when the bicycle was safe and it was fun
The next time I cycle I'm gonna bring a gun

These are part of the lyrics from the song Fish Face, I discovered after reading a chapter from the fourth edition of The Cycling Anthology, from punk band Abdoujaparov, named after one of cycling's most terrifyingly scary sprinters.

Following a decade using public transport, driving or walking, or a combination of the aforementioned, and becoming a commuting cyclist once again, the verse perfectly encapsulates the sentiment I've been feeling out on the roads since my return.

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