Philip Gomes Wed 22 October 2014, 10:00AM

Too soon to get the band back together?

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When is it a good time to get the old band back together again? That’s a question I’ve been asking myself when I heard the news that several members of the 1999 Tour de France winning U.S. Postal Service (USPS) team would be riding together at the 25 October Gran Fondo Hincapie.

USPS alumni George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong Christian Vande Velde, Kevin Livingston, Michael Barry and Tom Danielson will be joined by the likes of fresh faced Tejay van Garderen and Alex Howes in the annual event.

We can be cynical jokers about this. I know I’ve already thought up a few not so funny zingers about blood bags and Motoman. It’s great fun for about ten seconds but I’m tired of making sport with these guys.
2014 Hincapie Gran Fondo jersey is actually graphical representation of GH's July hematocrit levels 1994-2012

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Anthony Tan Tue 21 October 2014, 03:00PM

Velo Files: Child's Play

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If we're "genetically hard-wired to eat" as the experts say, it follows that parents should be hard-wiring their children to exercise, too. Asks Anthony Tan, aside from walking, what easier way is there than to start with a bicycle?

"Australians are getting fatter, more quickly, than just about any other country in the world."

That's what ABC Four Corners reporter Geoff Thomson told the audience in last week's episode, 'Fat Chance', which focused on the Victorian town of Ararat - once one of the "fattest" towns in Australia - to see the effects of an ongoing community intervention to promote weight loss and improved health.

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Al Hinds Fri 17 October 2014, 05:00PM

The Astana chronicles

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The third positive this year for an Astana rider is the just the latest chapter in the team’s shadowy history.

Said without judgement.

2006. The team spawns out of the remnants of the Liberty Seguros-Wurth team. That squad, and its manager Manolo Saiz are deeply implicated in Operacion Puerto, an investigation conducted by the Guardia Civil which uncovers systematic doping within the team. Alexandre Vinokourov becomes de facto captain, and is an arm’s length from management. Despite the team’s history, the UCI awards it a new four year WorldTour license.

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Steve Thomas Thu 16 October 2014, 06:00AM

Disc jockeys: the road bike revolution

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With disc brakes looking set to become standard issue on road bikes we chat with Hope Technology to get the low-down on what, why and when the revolution will happen.

British component manufacturers Hope Technology were amongst the very first pioneers of disc brakes for bikes. Their top-notch full-stoppers have led the way when it comes to stopping the best mountain bikers for many years, and they are widely considered to be gurus of hydraulic brake building.

As more and more manufacturers turn their attentions towards road discs it would seem logical and inevitable that disc brakes will be standard issue on high end road bikes in a very short period of time. However the International Cycling Union (UCI) seem to be a way off granting them clearance for racing purposes, which if you’ve ever used decent MTB disc brakes you might find baffling – once you’ve had pads you never go back!

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Anthony Tan Wed 15 October 2014, 02:00PM

Velo Files: Calling BS on the DT

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Given today is national #Ride2Work Day, Anthony Tan has timely discovered a new titleholder as 'The King of Spin'.

It's timely national Ride2Work Day popped up today - right on the back of some typically lowbrow reporting from a typically lowbrow publication, a.k.a. The Daily Telegraph.

"Is cycling to work really faster than the train? We put Clover Moore's claims to the test," read the headline in their May 10 article featured last week.

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