Rasmussen's Christina Watches-Onfone denied Continental status?

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Michael Rasmussen (Getty Images)

Michael Rasmussen's Christina Watches-Onfone team faces a nervous wait for UCI Continental approval from the Danish Cycling Federation (DCU) after its initial application was rejected, reports sporten.dk.

The team has until Wednesday to resubmit the necessary financial documents required for the application process, to the DCU, or will miss out on UCI Continental status for the 2013 season.

Christina Watches director Claus Hembo says the DCU has a vendetta against the team, and insists there is nothing incorrect about the paperwork the team has submitted.

"We have submitted the financial accounts from our chartered accountant BDO, which has previously been suffice," said Hembo to sporten.dk.

"But this time the DCU do not think it is adequate.We have asked the DCU, what we need to do, but exactly how and what we should do about it I do not know.

"I have a feeling that this has to do with the fact that he did not like Michael Rasmussen, and then maybe he does not like me, because in his eyes I represent Michael."

The DCU board however has rejected this.

"This is no way about personalities. It's about the process. There are seven Danish continental team who receive exactly the same treatment, (excluding Christina Watches-Onfone) the other six teams have all done enough to fulfill our requirements," said the DCU's Jesper Worre.

"The DCU board has twice looked at the accounts that Christina Watches-Onfone have sent, and the board has not been able to accept it.

"The team has been told several times, and we have specified what the team needs to send to us. They have until next Wednesday to do so."

According to sporten.dk, if the application process is denied, the team's future is uncertain.

Two Australians, Jordan Kerby and Mitchell Lovelock-Fay, recently signed for Christina Watches-Onfone for the 2013 season.

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