No conflict between Vaughters and Boyer, group maintains

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Eric Boyer (Getty Images)

A report suggesting a division between Jonathan Vaughters and Eric Boyer at the Change Cycling Now (CCN) summit in London has been dismissed by the organisation.

The rift allegedly had arisen after a clash between the two over actions at the International Association of Professional Cycling teams (AIGCP). Boyer had felt Vaughters had not done enough to support his proposal of a stronger ethics code, when Boyer had been President, and shortly after when Vaughters himself had assumed the role.

"The code stipulated that ProTour teams were not allowed to recruit a suspended rider for a further two years, so that was two years plus two years off the circuit. Liquigas were the first to flaunt it by recruiting Basso," Boyer told French newspaper Le Figaro.

"After succeeding me, Vaughters decided that it was unenforceable, so he didn’t apply it. So when he makes his fine speech that ‘cycling needs to change’… Well, he had the chance to do things and he didn’t do them.

"Seeing him there as if he were among those who want to change things doesn’t make a very good impression. They pushed me to resign because I wanted to do things."

The two, along with several other high profile anti-doping campaigners are currently in London in the early stages of the formation of a new pressure group, CCN.

After a generally positive meeting, CCN released a statement in response to the report quoting Boyer and Vaughters. Boyer says that he now feels at ease with the past and is looking now only to the future.

"It is true that in the past we have had our differences, but we now realise we share a common goal in making a better future for cycling and everything is fine.

"We have spoken about the past during the day and are now committed to helping Change Cycling Now force change for the benefit of everyone in the sport."

Jonathan Vaughters echoed Boyer's comments.

"Eric and I get along very well and we are in agreement on the future of cycling."

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