McQuaid attempts to rally IOC member support

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International Cycling Union President Pat McQuaid (Getty)

International Cycling Union (UCI) President Pat McQuaid has escalated his battle with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA by pleading for support from all International Olympic Committee (IOC) members.

According to the Inside the Games website, McQuaid wrote to all 101 members of the IOC asking for help in getting WADA to back a UCI led Truth and Reconcilation Commission (TRC).

WADA and the UCI have been at loggerheads over the issue of a TRC, with both organisations releasing rival statements this week accusing the other of "deceit" on the one hand and "misrepresentation" on the other.

In the letter obtained by Inside the Games, McQuaid said: "I am enclosing the UCI press release of 29 January 2013, in which we very reluctantly decided to release the correspondence between myself and John Fahey. We took this decision because of the enormous discrepancies between what John Fahey was saying to me on the telephone and in his email and the continuing aggressive attacks on the UCI by WADA in public."

McQuaid also reiterated the UCI's "sincere belief that it is time to put the past beihnd us and start to work together for the good of cycling and for sport in general" before pleading for support from IOC members in his battle with WADA.

"In order to do this, I very much hope that WADA will now desist from continuing the current undignified war of words via the media and sit down with us in a spirit of cooperation and partnership to work out the details of the Truth and Reconcilliation process. In return, the UCI will gladly do the same," said McQuaid in the letter.

"We would welcome any support you can offer in underlining to WADA the importance of working in partnership and cooperation.with the UCI to establish this Truth and Reconcilliation Commission."

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