Podcast: Asian anomalies, La Vuelta, and a very confident Cookson

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Tabriz... The Iranian team has dominated the Asian circuit but some are asking questions. We take a look at the region in the latest Cycling Central Podcast. (Tour of Borneo)

In the latest Cycling Central Podcast, hosted by Mike Tomalaris, we take a look at Asian cycling, the upcoming UCI Presidential race's latest turn, La Vuelta, and reflect on the demise of Euskaltel's 19-year association with the sport.

Podcast 22 Aug 2013: The Asian anomaly, Euskaltel's exit, Confident Cookson by Cycling Central

It's never a good day when a long-time association with sport is severed. Euskaltel, the team sometimes seen as a sort of Basque national team, forced to close up shop after 19 years at the top end of the sport. We reflect on the team's demise, and surmise how it all happened.

“Today is a sad day for Euskaltel, for the team, for the current sponsors and for all of those who have supported the project. We regret that no company has opted to back this team, the doyen of the world cycling elite."

La Vuelta, cycling's final Grand Tour gets underway and the team make out their chances of the favourites.

And we're joined by a special guest, Olympian Alex Edmondson, as we look at Asia, cycling's wild west. We discuss the latest from the Continental Tour that continues to suffer from a credibility problem.

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