Armstrong mocks ban

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The photo Armstrong posted on Twitter. (Supplied)

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong posed provocatively on Sunday with his framed seven Tour de France winners jerseys, tweeting a picture of him in his Austin home, unleashing dozens of comments for and against the Texan.

"Back in Austin and just layin' around," wrote Armstrong to accompany the picture of him lying on a sofa below the jerseys a month after the US anti-doping authorities stripped him of his seven titles and wiped his career record.

By mid-Sunday more than 100,000 subscribers to the social media site had seen the picture, but opinions posted to Twitter were diverse with some tweeters blasting the Texan as a cheat while others still maintained their faith in the cancer survivor.

On 23 October, Armstrong removed from his Twitter biography a line referring to his seven Tour crowns ("seven-time Tour de France winner") after the US Anti-Doping Agency scrapped his career race record back to 1998 on publication of a lengthy report into doping allegations.

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