Tom Palmer Tue 30 September 2014, 04:00PM

Toward a more equitable cycling commentary

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A piece by regular Cycling Central contributor Anthony Tan about the women's road race in Ponferrada, yesterday, touched a nerve. While we defend its publication, and believe it to be a valid personal opinion, we also understand how it could be seen as divisive. In that spirit we welcome this response by Tom Palmer.

Impetuosity: the quality or character of being impetuous; sudden or violent energy of movement, action

Yesterday’s blog by Anthony Tan made a case for more of this stuff in the racing strategies of top women cyclists. Anthony said the women didn’t entertain him, stating “it was like watching paint dry”. He argued that every rider who didn’t win “got what they deserved” because of their wrongheaded tactics.

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Tom Palmer Wed 30 October 2013, 02:00PM

Sprinting #101

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After literally crashing across the finish line in the final sprint finish of the Tour of Hainan yesterday, Tom Palmer felt like answering a question that he is often asked. What is bunch sprinting like?

With three kilometres to go your boys approach the front, drawing even with a freight train of nine Russians. It seems pretty calm because at this point everything is straight lines and almost matching jerseys and with a tailwind you’re well over 60km/h. Into the last corner at one kilometre to go the two trains blend. No brakes, it’s just a sweeper but there’s limited room.

A new team is in your grille now, they’re all green and tanned and fat. You have no idea where they came from. The first few into the corner brake too hard. Bad line. What? Someone is standing in the road, one metre out from the apex of the corner and pointing a flag: like a child on a freeway. Guys go everywhere, tyres scrape, brakes squeal and one guy makes it through on the inside of the freeway kid (a Czech guy, he wins).

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Tom Palmer Fri 28 June 2013, 01:00PM

Zombies and Le Tour

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I think a lot these days about the potentially impending zombie apocalypse.

But the dope-scourge and zombie-menace are not the same. Zombies are way easier to catch, and the gluttonous peoples they tend to befall invariably ‘had it coming’. That is not us Tour fans.

Today’s my birthday, which is usually around the eve of the tour. I’ve often celebrated it amid headlines revealing my heroes are drug cheats.

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Tom Palmer Tue 02 April 2013, 01:00PM

Because the good guy always wins

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Do Peter Sagan’s podium antics at the Ronde van Vlaanderen highlight a problem with professional cycling's role models? Tom Palmer reflects on the race and whether we should expect more from our cycling stars and their attitude to women.

In my first year racing against professionals, an experienced teammate gave me some advice that upset me then, and sticks with me now. A teenager at the time, a professional rider took a sling off my jersey in a sprint finish to win the race. My teammate consoled me by sarcastically saying “it’s okay, the good guys always win”.

What he helped me come to terms with, was that in our sport there is no rule to this effect. Finish lines don’t know how just or noble you are, they don’t care how sexist or repugnant you are. Finish lines know distance, time and nothing more.

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Tom Palmer Fri 22 March 2013, 09:45AM

The fruits of your labour

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After an unforgettable day on the bike in Taiwan, Tom Palmer waxes lyrical on how sweet the feeling of victory is within a well-oiled team, even if it's not your own personal success that you're celebrating.

There's something rewarding about being a domestique. Cycling is obviously a team sport but I guess it is hard to comprehend what that really means until you've experienced racing for a team.

It has always seemed to me that teamwork is supercharged with an element of sacrifice and injustice in a sport where only one team member crosses the line, salutes and stands on the podium. In reality, the dispersal of that success is really dependent on the dynamics and relationships in the team.

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