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The Team

  • Anjali Rao

    Dateline host Anjali Rao is a multi-award winning journalist, presenter and interviewer.

  • Peter Charley

    Executive Producer Peter Charley has worked for more than 30 years as a reporter and producer.

  • Geoff Parish

    Chief Producer Geoff Parish has worked for over two decades in radio, television and print.

  • Victoria Strobl

    Victoria Strobl started her career in television in 2000 and is now Dateline's Senior Supervising Producer.

  • Donald Cameron

    Acting Senior Supervising Producer Donald Cameron grew up in Hong Kong and joined Dateline in 2009.

  • Allan Hogan

    Allan has worked as a TV reporter and producer for over 40 years, joining Dateline in 2013 as Supervising Producer.

  • Bernadine Lim

    Producer Bernadine Lim has spent nearly 20 years working as a director, writer and producer, winning several awards.

  • Meggie Palmer

    Supervising Producer Meggie Palmer has worked internationally as a reporter, producer and director.

  • Nick Olle

    Producer Nick Olle has worked across Australia, Europe, and North and South America.

  • Melanie Morrison

    With a Masters Degree in Asian studies, Melanie Morrison is one of Dateline's Researchers.

  • Calliste Weitenberg

    Researcher and Producer Calliste Weitenberg is passionate about investigative reporting.

  • Laura Grace

    Laura Grace joined Dateline as Production Manager in 2012 after three years on SBS's Living Black.

  • Claudianna Blanco

    Production Supervisor Claudianna Blanco has worked in three continents in virtually every type of media genre.

  • Andrew Sainsbury

    Online Producer Andrew Sainsbury worked as a journalist in the UK for 15 years, before moving to Australia.

  • Kia Woodmore

    Kia combines working as Production Assistant with studying for a Masters in journalism.

  • Mark Davis

    Mark's impressive body of work has won five Walkley awards, including the prestigious Gold Walkley.

  • David Brill

    David Brill has been covering disasters, wars and humanitarian stories since 1967, with a mission to seek out unsung heroes.

  • Nick Lazaredes

    Nick's career has been devoted to broadcasting, from ABC Radio to programs like Landline.

  • Aaron Lewis

    From Antarctica's global warming to Amazon Jungle warfare, Aaron isn't afraid to tackle big issues.

  • Amos Roberts

    Amos joined Dateline in 2001 and spent almost seven years as Supervising Producer, before returning to on-the-road reporting.

  • David O'Shea

    David began working for Dateline in May 1998, during the riotous final days of President Soeharto’s rule.

  • Aaron Thomas

    Aaron spent five years as a Dateline producer, before becoming a US-based video journalist.

  • Evan Williams

    Evan Williams has 20 years experience covering the world's most troubled regions.

  • Fouad Hady

    Fouad came from Baghdad to Australia as an asylum seeker, but has returned to Iraq for a series of groundbreaking stories.

  • Yaara Bou Melhem

    Yaara is an award-winning video journalist, gaining unprecedented access during the Arab Uprising.

  • Brett Mason

    Brett Mason is SBS’s London based correspondent, reporting from across Europe and beyond.

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