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Yalda's Kabul

Video Journalist Yalda Hakim returns to her birthplace, Kabul.

In 1983 her father risked death by smuggling his young family out of Afghanistan on horseback to Pakistan, to escape the Russian invasion. Yalda was six months old.

While Yalda's parents embark on an emotional family reunion, she takes her camera to an opium den, a drug rehab centre, a refugee camp and a hospital, keen to understand why the city of her birth is so vastly different to what she'd expected.

She often travels hidden in the boot of a relative's car - they know she stands out as a foreigner and they fear she'll be targeted by kidnappers.

Her overwhelming emotion is guilt: why does she live with so much, when they survive on so little?

On air: 22nd October 2008


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