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Interview with Jeffrey Bleich

So how is Obama coping with political discontent at home?

George Negus talks with the President's long-time friend and colleague, Jeffrey Bleich, who was recently appointed as the new United States Ambassador to Australia.

Bleich is a top lawyer from California, who has known Barack Obama for 20 years, and played a major role in his campaign for the White House.

Bleich understands better than most just what the President is thinking and how he's feeling right now.

Watch George Negus's revealing interview with the US Ambassador, as broadcast on Dateline, or click here for an extended version of the interview with Jeffrey Bleich. 

You can also watch this week's Obamanation story on the problems facing Barack Obama at home.

And SBS's World News Australia has a dedicated site on Obama's Presidency.

Photo (Barack Obama): Getty

On air: 14th March 2010

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