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The Cow Whisperer

Temple Grandin is a woman who thinks like a cow… that’s how the 62-year-old animal scientist with autism describes herself, and it's made her something of a celebrity in the United States.

She’s written extensively about her autism and how she’s come to understand the way the mind works. Parents of children with autism line up to meet her and learn from her experience.

She also credits her autism for allowing her to understand how animals think. She’s revolutionised the way slaughterhouses operate, even winning the support of animal rights groups, like PETA.

Earlier this year she was named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, and her life has been made into an acclaimed telemovie, nominated for 15 Emmys at this year’s awards.

David Brill travels with her as she meets her fans, watches her literally lying down with the cows, and gets behind the exterior of a woman who admits she’s unemotional and reserved with humans.

- See Dateline’s profile of Temple Grandin. Unfortunately this video is not available to viewers outside Australia for copyright reasons.

EXTRA - The Emmy Awards took place two weeks after we broadcast our profile of Temple Grandin, with the film about her life winning five awards.

PHOTO GALLERY - A look in pictures at Temple Grandin's perspectives and influence.

VIDEO EXTRA - Lisa Lange from animal rights group PETA explains why it supports Temple Grandin's work with animal slaughterhouses.

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On air: 15th August 2010

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