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Ground Zero Mosque

Nothing stirs passion in New York more than the future of the World Trade Center site, and plans for a mosque a few blocks away are proving one of the most controversial issues yet.

Video journalist Sophie McNeill meets locals, who don’t hold back on their views about infiltration of America by Muslims, the threat of more terror attacks, and the insult they feel the mosque will be against those who died.

Those behind the plans say they’re stunned by the response. They say the building will also be a community centre that will promote tolerance, and isn’t even visible from the Ground Zero site.

WATCH - As politicians across the United States also wade into the debate, Dateline captures the passion of both sides of the story.

BLOG - SBS's World News Australia blogger Matthew Hall lives in New York, and gives a personal insight into the debate over the World Trade Center site. 

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Photos: AAP/Getty

On air: 22nd August 2010

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