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Behind Enemy Lines

Norwegian journalist Paul Refsdal risked his life to become the first Westerner to film behind Taliban lines in Afghanistan, and see the war between the allied forces and the insurgency from the Taliban’s viewpoint.

Now Dateline brings you his remarkable story, as Paul witnesses several ambushes of US troops on the Khyber Pass, and films celebrations over the death of a US soldier.

But he also captures a human side of the Taliban, as insurgents relax, pray, eat together, and look after the children of Taliban commander, Dawran.

Paul comes under threat himself too, as a US gunship attacks and he’s kidnapped by one of the Taliban group which took him in.

WATCH - Unfortunately this video is no longer available on the Dateline website for copyright reasons, but you can still read the transcript of Paul's story.

LIVE CHAT - Replay our live online chat with Paul Refsdal about his remarkable experience.

BLOG - Executive Producer Peter Charley writes about getting such a rare insight into life with the Taliban.

On air: 22nd August 2010


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