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Gays Abandoned

Plans to introduce the death penalty for gays and lesbians in Uganda are causing an international outcry. The new laws currently being considered even include punishment for anyone who doesn’t report gay people to the authorities.
US President Obama has called the legislation ‘odious’ and many other leaders and human rights groups have condemned the bill. Some governments are even threatening diplomatic sanctions against Uganda.
Those behind the new laws see homosexuality as an abomination against their religion and believe a Western ‘homosexual juggernaut’ is threatening Uganda. They say they want to ‘cure’ gays and lesbians and get rid of all homosexual influence in the country.
One lawyer opposing the plans tells video journalist Aaron Lewis that even murderers are treated with higher regard than gays and lesbians.

WATCH - Aaron meets those opposing the laws in constant fear for their safety, and hears the extreme views of the government officials and church leaders trying to silence them.

LIVE CHAT - Replay the online chat with Aaron Lewis about the story and filming in Uganda.

- Gay rights campaign group, the International Lesbian and Gay Association, says seven countries currently have the death penalty for gay people. Read more about the situation around the world.

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Photo (rainbow flag): AAP

On air: 5th September 2010

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