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In his 20-year reign of terror in central Africa, Joseph Kony has kidnapped 10,000 children, forcing them to become child soldiers or sex slaves, and killed thousands more people, yet so far he's evaded capture.

He says he wants to run Uganda according to his brand of mystical Christianity, but instead is on every list of most wanted terrorists, and was the first person to be indicted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court.

Having been granted rare access to Uganda's Army as it hunts for Kony, Aaron Lewis treks deep into the treacherous central African jungle, with the LRA leader only two days march ahead, and finds some of those maimed and abused by Kony and his constantly-moving army.

But are the authorities any closer to catching one of the world’s most wanted?

WATCH - Find out by watching Aaron's report.

EXTRA - What is the International Criminal Court? And what can it do with Kony when he's captured? Find out in our factfile about its work.

VIDEO EXTRA - Replay Tim Wise's report from August 2002, when Dateline reported on children rescued from Kony and his Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda.

Photos (Joseph Kony): Getty

On air: 3rd October 2010

Central African Republic

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