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Burma's Betrayal

Burma’s election on 7th November has been described by world leaders as a ‘sham’, ‘deeply flawed’ and ‘lacking credibility’, and Dateline has arranged for hidden cameras in Burma to capture vision and interviews to prove it.

Over two months, the Democratic Voice of Burma gathered evidence of elaborate election rigging to ensure the military maintains power; strict controls and surveillance of political parties and meetings; and punishment for anyone speaking out in opposition.

This is on top of the ban on foreign journalists entering Burma, which meant video journalist Evan Williams had to meet his contacts in Thailand to put together his report.

He also follows the efforts by human rights groups to broadcast to people inside Burma to try and break the military’s control of information and ultimately its 50 year rule.

WATCH - Click to see his report.

BLOG - Evan writes about the difficulties of reporting from countries, where foreign journalists are banned or severely restricted.

WORLD NEWS AUSTRALIA - Follow Burma's election results and the reaction to them with SBS's World News Australia.

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On air: 31st October 2010

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