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A Spy Exposed

The name, Valerie Plame, was never meant to be publicly known, but the former CIA spy ended up being exposed by the very government she had pledged to serve.

Her identity was leaked after her husband, former United States Ambassador Joseph Wilson, publicly criticised George Bush’s reasons for going to war with Iraq.

Now, eight years on, her story has been turned into a Hollywood thriller, Fair Game, which she says is difficult to watch because it brings back so many memories.

Video journalist Yalda Hakim meets Valerie in New Mexico, where she’s forged a new life far away from the Washington spotlight, and talks to her about the lasting effect the episode has had on her and her young family.

WATCH - See Yalda's profile of Valerie Plame.

MOVIE TRAILER - Watch the trailer for 'Fair Game' and find out more about the film.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Yalda talks about filming this story, and her first week in the Dateline chair, in a special website behind the scenes feature.

Photos (CIA/White House): Getty

On air: 13th February 2011

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