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Pirates in Paradise

The waters off Somalia in east Africa are the most dangerous in the world. 92% of pirate hijackings in 2010 took place there… over 1,000 hostages and 49 vessels were seized.

Now it’s threatening tourism and fishing, and therefore the livelihood, of the Seychelles, with the idyllic islands finding themselves thrust into the midst of the piracy crisis.

But how does an island nation spread across an area the size of France police its seas? And how does it respond to the huge ransom demands when its citizens are seized?

WATCH - Video journalist Nick Lazaredes reports for Dateline this Sunday at 8.30pm on SBS ONE.

FACTFILE - Read more about Somalia's piracy problem and its causes in our factfile.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Go behind the scenes of Nick's report to find out how the story was put together.

Photo (French Navy intercepting pirates): AAP

On air: 20th February 2011

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