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Darkest Day

As New Zealand begins the long recovery from this week’s deadly earthquake, video journalist David Brill has been getting the personal stories from what’s been described as the country’s ‘darkest day’.

David’s on the streets of Christchurch, as the search for survivors continues and residents struggle with shortages of basic supplies.

He also heads out to the small community of Lyttelton… close to the epicentre and severely damaged, with aftershocks interrupting its recovery and David’s filming.

WATCH - Click to see David telling presenter Yalda Hakim what he saw.

FACTFILE - What caused the quake? And why was it so devastating? Read our factfile.

PHOTO GALLERY - A selection of photos of the extensive damage in Christchurch, including some posted via Twitter by local residents.

WORLD NEWS AUSTRALIA - Get the latest news coverage of the earthquake from SBS's World News Australia, including information on how you can help.

Photos: AAP

On air: 27th February 2011

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