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Revolution's Refugees

A tiny Italian island has found itself at the forefront of the exodus of people from the unrest in Tunisia, and it’s causing renewed friction over Italy’s immigration policy.

Lampedusa is closer to the African coast than to mainland Italy and has recently seen its population of 5,000 Italians double, as refugees pour in from north Africa.

They tell reporter Zoé de Bussière that risking their lives to escape on packed boats is better than staying amidst the upheaval in Tunisia.

While many are being moved to the Italian mainland to be processed, the Italians on Lampedusa say their island is being overwhelmed, and their reputation as a tourist destination is in jeopardy.

WATCH - See Zoé's report in a special edition of Dateline presented from Italy by Yalda Hakim.

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On air: 13th March 2011

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