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Controversy Island

It’s estimated that nearly half the population of the French island of Mayotte are illegal immigrants… most arrive on dangerous boats hoping for a new life in Europe, but end up living in filthy slums.
But few people in mainland France are even aware of the problem, because Mayotte is many kilometres away off the coast of south east Africa.
Video journalist Nick Lazaredes visits an area where hundreds live in diseased, crime-ridden squalor, and sees video from Amnesty International showing the treatment of the thousands of people being deported… but they still keep on coming to escape life in the neighbouring Comoros Islands.
So what can the two countries do to tackle the problem?
WATCH - Click to view Nick’s report.

AMNESTY VIDEO - Nick's report features a video released by Amnesty International, of secretly filmed pictures inside the Mayotte immigration detention centre. Click to see it in full.

EXTRA - Read more of journalist Eric Trannois's articles about the situation in Mayotte - in French or in English via Google Translate.

On air: 3rd April 2011

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