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LA Laid Bare

Mention South Central Los Angeles to most people and they think of it as a crime-ridden no-go neighbourhood, famed for the race riots of the 1990s.

But artist Mark Bradford is challenging the stereotype of the area and its people, not just in LA, but across the United States, with his unconventional artistic take on where he lives.

Video journalist Yaara Bou Melhem visits his studio to hear about his work and follows him to an exhibition of his art in Chicago, where he inspires a new generation of artists to break out of the mould.

And she discovers much more about life away from the LA glamour, in an area of the city that most people never even see.

WATCH - Click to see her profile of Mark.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Yaara talks about what it was like filming in South Central LA and with Mark Bradford for the latest of our behind the scenes features.

EXTRA - Follow the links on the right-hand side to find out more about Mark Bradford and the South Central area of LA.

On air: 19th June 2011

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