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Bradley Manning

US soldier Bradley Manning, is currently awaiting trial in the United States charged with leaking classified cables... material that was later published on WikiLeaks.

His arrest has caused deep divisions around the world, with supporters calling him a ‘human rights martyr', and opponents claiming that his actions have damaged the political interests of the US and other governments. 

But who is Bradley Manning, and how did his life lead him from a small town in America’s mid-west, via rural Wales and service in Iraq, to solitary confinement in a US prison cell?

This special report from Maggie O'Kane at Guardian Films traces events leading up to Manning’s arrest - including comments from friends and military colleagues – and it reveals never-before seen video of the young soldier.

WATCH - See Manning’s remarkable story.

REPLAY - Dateline's Mark Davis has had unprecedented access to WikiLeaks and its Australian founder Julian Assange as the story has developed - click here to replay his reports and interviews.

Photo (US flag): AAP

On air: 3rd July 2011