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No Refuge

For the hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming into Greece, reaching Europe means a chance of a better life away from the violence and persecution in Afghanistan and Iran.

But for many, the reality is more misery… in a country without enough money and jobs for its own citizens, the new arrivals are facing increasingly violent animosity and a desperate battle to survive.

Video journalist Aaron Lewis reports from the detention centres bordering Turkey, which has become the back door into Europe, as asylum seekers arrive after treacherous journeys to be housed in filthy detention centres.

Then he follows some of them to Athens, where they’re left to fend for themselves amid the economic crisis… unwelcome anywhere in Europe or back in their own countries.

WATCH - See Aaron’s insight into Greece’s other crisis.
RADIO INTERVIEW - Aaron talks to SBS's World News Australia Radio about his story and explains more about why the people he met literally have nowhere to go.

THE TALIBAN STRIKES BACK - This week's Dateline also reports from Afghanistan, asking who's winning the war following the deaths of 30 US soldiers and eight Afghans in a Taliban attack on their helicopter.

REPLAY - Aaron recently reported on the financial crisis in Greece - click to replay his Greek Tragedy story and read more background on the country's economic situation.

Photo (Greek flag): AAP

On air: 7th August 2011

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