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Gaddafi Interview Revisited

Following the death of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, we revisit his interview with Dateline in February 2010.

Then, he was still living in his lavish Tripoli compound, and confidently declaring that the Libyan people were fully behind him.

Now, after eight months of fighting across Libya, he's been killed near his hometown of Sirte and a new era is being declared for Libyan politics.

WATCH - Replay George Negus's interview with the former Libyan leader.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Dateline's Executive Producer Peter Charley also travelled to Tripoli for the interview. Here, he reflects on that meeting and the events that have followed in our latest behind the scenes feature.

ARAB UPRISINGS - Get the latest on Gaddafi's death and the worldwide reaction from SBS's World News Australia.

PHOTO GALLERY - Take a look at some of the images of celebration following Gaddafi's death.

INTERACTIVE - Use our interactive guide to get more details on the unrest in North Africa and the Middle East, and replay our recent stories from Libya and across the region.

On air: 23rd October 2011

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