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Voting for Freedom

This year’s uprising in Tunisia inspired revolts throughout North Africa and the Middle East, and now the world is watching just as closely as the liberated country holds its first elections and begins to rewrite its constitution.

Amos Roberts follows the campaign from the frantic electioneering on the streets, with more than 11,000 candidates competing for seats, to the historic polling day itself.

And he examines the key campaign battleground over whether Tunisia should have religious or secular leadership.

The ultimate winner is Islamic party, Ennahda, which promises to respect democracy and tolerance, but will this mix of religion and politics create stability or lead to more turmoil?

WATCH - Click to see Amos's story.

VIDEO EXTRA - In this extra feature to go with Amos's story, he meets a group of teachers in Kasserine, who say they've been forgotten in the Tunisian revolution. They're now protesting over the lack of jobs and their struggle to survive.

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On air: 6th November 2011

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