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Imran's Big Test

As a cricketing legend, Imran Khan wowed millions around the world. Now he’s facing his biggest test yet as he runs for Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Karim Shah spends two weeks on the road with Khan as he travels to political rallies across the country.

His report gives a fascinating insight into Imran Khan’s rising popularity and his self-proclaimed mission to eradicate corruption in politics.

But in a country with such a turbulent political past, the possibility of a terrorist attack putting an end to it all is never far away… just as it did with Benazir Bhutto in 2007.

Is he a sportsman playing at politics, as some dismiss him? Or has Pakistan’s political old guard finally met its match?

WATCH - Apologies, but this video is no longer available for copyright reasons. You can however see the original version of the story on Al Jazeera's website.

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Photo (rally): AAP

On air: 25th September 2012