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Gun Chic

In the United States, there are now almost as many gun stores as there are pharmacies, and the marketing used by both is becoming surprisingly similar.
Women are now a key target for gun sellers, with weapons being sold in fashionable designs and with a range of stylish accessories.
Emotive adverts are being used to even encourage children to have their own guns… pink ones for girls, and blue ones for boys.
Dateline meets some of the women who can’t live without their guns. One has pistols concealed in every part of her house in case she should have to confront an intruder.
But while some see it as women empowering themselves, others say it’s a worrying trend.
With gun control once again at the top of the political agenda, the 17 million women who now own guns in the US are set to have an increasingly loud voice in the debate.

WATCH - Apologies, but this story, narrated by Allan Hogan, is no longer available for copyright reasons, but you can still read the transcript.


On air: 19th February 2013

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