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Fukushima Now

Time has stood still over the past two years in the communities surrounding the crippled nuclear power plant at Fukushima in Japan.

In a Dateline special on The Nuclear Dilemma, Adrian Brown explores these ghost towns to see for himself the legacy of the nuclear disaster that followed 2011’s earthquake and tsunami.

Armed with a Geiger counter, Adrian travels through one of the most contaminated places on earth, meeting some of the people who’ve chosen to stay in and around the exclusion zone.

Life is tough for the locals, who fear long term consequences for their health. Other residents have decided to move and start new lives far from home.

So what does the future hold both for them and Japan’s nuclear power industry?

WATCH - See Adrian's story.

BLOG - Adrian writes more about his personal experience visiting Fukushima's deserted towns.

INTERACTIVE - How does radiation affect health? Find out more in our interactive guide, which also includes news coverage from the time of the disaster.

REPLAY - Look back at Dateline's previous stories on the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster... Japan's Catastrophe reported on the immediate aftermath, and Nuclear Family looked at the effect of the disasters on local people.

THE NUCLEAR DILEMMMA - Also in this special edition of Dateline... the controversy over the disposal of nuclear waste in Europe, and the long-term effect of nuclear weapons testing in the Pacific.


On air: 5th March 2013

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