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The K-Pop Effect

South Korea has the highest rate of cosmetic procedures per capita in the world… and it’s literally changing the face of the country’s young people.
Jeannette Francis examines how the K-Pop music scene is fuelling an obsession with beauty, and meets young Koreans who are changing their faces to look as good as their idols.  
For both women and men, there’s a bewildering array of procedures available from an ever increasing number of clinics.
21-year-old Hwan Kim talks Jeannette through his 17 procedures and tells her that he still wants more.
WATCH - See Dateline’s insight into The K-Pop Effect.

BLOG - Jeannette writes for the Dateline blog about how engrained the obsession with beauty has become in South Korean society.

BEHIND THE SCENES - Jeannette talks more about filming her story and the fascinating insight she got into South Korean life.

POP ASIA - Find out about SBS's dedicated radio and TV programs for fans of Asian pop.

INSIGHT : BEAUTY RACE - Watch a recent edition of SBS's Insight, which discussed the growing trend of people altering their ethnic features.


On air: 19th March 2013



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