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Reshaping Rio

Rio de Janeiro is preparing to be the centre of the world’s attention… with Brazil hosting both the World Cup and the Olympics.

But Dateline has found that behind the grand plans for stadiums, tourist attractions and new transport links, lie whole communities being forced from their homes.

Yaara Bou Melhem meets people who say they were told to move out in the morning, then by the afternoon their homes had been flattened.

The slum dwellers claim they can’t afford to go elsewhere, and the compensation or relocation offered by the government are no replacement for their bulldozed homes.

With protests continuing and a legal challenge looming, will Rio be ready for kick off in just over a year’s time?

WATCH - See Dateline's report from Rio's favelas.The report is also available with Portuguese subtitles.

PHOTO GALLERY - Look at some of Yaara's photos from her trip with more details about her story.


On air: 9th April 2013

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