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Juvenile Justice

Fouad Hady reports from Yemen’s death row… housing not just adults but children awaiting execution, sometimes for crimes they were forced to confess to.

Inside the prison, he hears their desperate stories and witnesses the battle unfolding as UNICEF staff race against time to save their lives.

But it could actually be other children who hold the key to justice and democracy in Yemen…

The country’s Children's Parliament is now in its 12th year and has proved a formidable force in calling Yemen’s leaders to account on issues such as child labour, early marriage and juvenile justice.

Its young politicians have already stopped three executions of underage prisoners, but they won’t rest until all children are assured the rights they deserve.

WATCH - See Fouad’s remarkable story, narrated by Victoria Strobl.

UPDATE (JUNE 2013) - The planned execution of all 27 young prisoners on death row in Yemen has been postponed, and a Presidential Decree has set up an independent committee to decide cases where the age of the prisoner is uncertain.

UNICEF has also now arranged to provide legal aid for Moaad and Nadim, but sadly the young prisoner whose death was averted following the dash to the minister's office in Fouad's report was hanged after officials determined he was over 18-years-old.

INTERVIEW - Dateline's Executive Producer Peter Charley talks to SBS World News Australia Radio, and explains more about the background to Fouad's story.

HOW TO HELP - Viewers who want to support the protest against child executions should contact UNICEF, plus follow the links on the right-hand side of the page for more about the Children's Parliament.


Photo (flag): AAP

On air: 9th April 2013

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