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Road to Democracy

After half a century of brutal military rule, Myanmar is emerging into democracy and finding its feet in the 21st century, but how is the country coping with such massive change?

At a midway point between the country’s leap to freedom and the landmark 2015 elections, Anjali Rao hosts a special edition of Dateline looking at the rapidly changing face of the once-pariah nation.

She finds much of what we take for granted being enjoyed for the first time… independent newspapers are thriving, comedians can satirise the government and pop groups are appealing to the huge young generation.

But elsewhere the protests continue on the streets and past injustice is more difficult to forget. Protesting may now be legal, but not everyone is finding the freedoms they’ve been promised.

Also in this special program, Evan Williams investigates claims that anti-Muslim attacks are being organised in an attempted threat to undermine Myanmar's transition to democracy.

More than 60 Muslims were killed in recent violent clashes with Buddhists. Could the anti-Islamic teachings of a quietly spoken Buddhist monk be behind the increasing tension?

And Aela Callan explores the grand colonial buildings of former capital Yangon. Many were left untouched during Myanmar’s military rule, but after years of neglect, can they be saved? Or could they be swept away by the fast pace of modern development?

WATCH - See Anjali's report from this special edition of Dateline on Myanmar’s Road to Democracy.

EXTENDED MINISTER INTERVIEW - Watch an extended version of Anjali's interview with U Ye Htut, Myanmar's Deputy Information Minister and Spokesman for President Thein Sein.

MORE ME N MA GIRLS - Girl group Me N Ma Girls are pushing the boundaries in the new Myanmar. See their latest video and hear more of their interview with Anjali.

EXTRA - Look at the links under 'resources' and 'other perspectives' on the right-hand side of the page to find out more about all the people in Anjali's story.

MYANMAR OR BURMA? - Find out when and why SBS changed its policy to use the name Myanmar instead of Burma.

PHOTO GALLERY - Take a look at our selection of Behind the Scenes photos of Anjali and the Dateline team on location in Myanmar.

REPLAY - Look back at Dateline's stories from Myanmar over the past few years, while the country has been undergoing huge change.

SBS BURMESE RADIO - Get the latest news and information in Burmese from SBS's Burmese language radio service.


On air: 8th October 2013

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