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Free the Bears

When Perth grandmother Mary Hutton saw a TV report on the mistreatment of bears in Asia, she simply couldn’t stand aside and let it continue.

It was then that the idea of Free The Bears was born, and Mary has been working tirelessly to save the animals ever since.

Now, 20 years on from the moment that changed her life, Dateline’s David Brill joins Mary in Cambodia to see what she’s achieved.

The stories of how the bears come into her care are depressing… bile farming, deforestation, trafficking or abuse.

But her tight-knit team nurses them back to health and does its bit to educate the next generation about animal rights.

WATCH - See Mary’s inspiring story.

FREE THE BEARS - Go to the website of Mary's Free The Bears campaign to find out more about its work.

INTERVIEW WITH DAVID - David talks to SBS World News Australia Radio with more about the mistreatment of bears that prompted Mary to start her campaign.


On air: 29th October 2013

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